National Legislature for Elk County                                     


     Before AND After Redistricting:


      US Senate   Jerry Moran


      US Senate   Roger Marshall


      US Rep (Dist) 4   Ron Estes       



                                      State Legislature for Elk County


BEFORE Redistricting:                                                    AFTER Redistricting:


KS Senate (Dist. 14)   Michael Fagg                                                 KS Senate (Dist. 15)   Virgil Peck, Jr


KS Rep (Dist. 12)   Doug Blex                                                          KS Rep (Dist. 12)   Doug Blex

(Covers Elk Falls Twp, Longton Twp, and Oak Valley Twp)                                    (Covers all of Elk County)


KS Rep (Dist. 13)   Joe Newland                                                      State Board of Education (Dist 9)   Jim Porter  

(Covers Greenfield Twp, Howard Twp, Liberty Twp, Painterhood Twp,                                                              

 Paw Paw Twp, Union Center Twp, and Wildcat Twp)


State Board of Education (Dist 9)   Jim Porter  



Elk County Voting Locations With Precincts:

Cox Building, 100 W. Washington, Howard, KS 

Howard City - Howard Twp - Liberty Twp - Painterhood Twp 

Paw Paw Twp - Union Center Twp


Longton Senior Center, 406 Kansas, Longton, KS 

Elk Falls City - Elk Falls Twp - Longton City - Longton Twp - Oak Valley Twp


Moline Community Building, 115 N Main St, Moline, KS 

Greenfield Twp - Grenola City - Moline City - Wildcat Twp



Duties of a Township Official