Tax Statements are usually mailed in the first two weeks of November.
The 1st half is due December 20th, and the 2nd half is due May 10th, each year.

REAL PROPERTY: Interest begins accruing on the 1st half  December 21st.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: Due and in full with interest after December 20th. Anyone owing delinquent personal taxes cannot tag a vehicle until such taxes are paid in full.

CARS, 12M TRUCKS, RVS:  Property taxes are normally paid at the time of registration.

PAYMENT UNDER PROTEST:  If you are paying your property taxes under protest, you will need to print & complete the form found here. File the completed form with the Treasurer's office.
(Note: If you save this form on your computer & open it with Adobe Reader, it is fillable right from your computer.)

Payment by Cash, Check or Credit Card (2.5% fee assessed by KANPAY credit card processing center when paying by credit card)