Elk County District Court is part of the 13th Judicial District of Kansas.  The 13th District includes Butler, Elk & Greenwood Counties.  In Elk County, most matters are handled by a locally elected Magistrate Judge.

Our local District Court Clerk assists in the processing of  traffic, civil and criminal cases, and provides counter service which includes receiving and receipting money and providing assistance on court matters to attorneys, law enforcement officers, jurors, and the public.  The Clerk processes and maintains all legal documents according to court rules and state statutes.  The Clerk also collects appropriate fees, receives fine payments, enters case disposition on court computers, and schedules court appearances.  Most records retained by the Clerk are public records.

Court Services Officers are responsible for the supervision of both juvenile and adult offenders.  Court Service Officers also provide additional services at the Court's request, including, but not limited to, pre-dispositional and pre-sentence reports, Child in Need of Care supervision, home studies and domestic investigations, bond supervision, administration of community service, as well as serving as a referral source to community service providers in the areas of substance abuse and mental health treatment.

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