Routine maintenance:  Here are the areas where grading & road maintenance was done on many miles of Elk County roads recently.  Click here to see a map.

Major road upgrades: These are expensive and can be time consuming.  Much of the major improvements to our rural roads rely on significant financial assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  This help is greatly appreciated.

By finishing the work on Killdeer from Road 12 to Road 19, we have been able to finish many improvements we wouldn't otherwise have been able to afford.

Please keep in mind that we have only limited set of trucks & graders and only our normal compliment of equipment operators. We still try to keep up with regular maintenance & contend with special situations like bridge/culvert damage, unique weather issues and equipment failures... all with the same level of manpower.

In short, the challenges & limitations are many. But, rest assured, the Public Works department is constantly working to improve driving conditions every day. Many of our roads have been neglected for years, and putting them back into shape is not an overnight undertaking.

Perhaps our greatest asset in all this work is the patience of our citizens. We ask for your continued patience & support, and together we will all see improvement.

Thank you.